Brand Crush: A Fashion Nerd styles Latigo shoes

May 22nd, 2014

We were so lucky last month that one of our favorite fashion bloggers, A Fashion Nerd, worked with us to style a pair of Latigo shoes. Amy, featured below, photograph our Latigo Astro Hidden Wedge Huarache Booties with a variety of lovely, spring looks. Based in San Francisco Amy perfects the California vibe that designer Naomi Reid spoke about in her interview with DNA Footwear. Thank you so much Amy for the wonderful photographs of Latigo Shoes! For more information about each individual outfit please look to A Fashion Nerd for details.

The perfect shoes for Memorial Day Weekend

May 21st, 2014

Memorial Day is practically here and what better way to rep the good ol’ U.S of A than with some appropriate patriotic footwear? In honor of the day we’ve put together a short list of the perfect shoes for Memorial Day Weekend. These kicks are all excellent for the holiday weekend and whatever activities you’ve got planned.

If there was ever a more appropriate set of kicks for any holiday I’ve yet to see them. Designed to the brands 1960’s standards, the Vans Sk8-hi Reissue and Authentic Low Top both make use of a perfect mixture of patriotic stars and stripes across their canvas uppers, while vulcanized soles and matching white laces bring the kicks together. A must have for sneaker heads looking for a new pair of vans, or anyone looking for a pair to match that retro baseball you just brought.

If Vans, or the eye catching stars and stripes design isn’t really your thing, SeaVees has a pair of Slip-On’s that’ll get the job done just as well. Subtle by design the Baja Slip-On features a navy blue base with a series of red and white stripe overlays. A great choice if you’re not the flashy or over the top kind of footwear.

Our third pair isn’t necessarily the most patriotic pair of the bunch, but I’m a firm believer that sometimes less can be more, and that’s exactly what gets done with this clean take on the All Star Ox from Converse. The nearly monochromatic construction is broken up only by the most subtle of red and blue piping accents. Perfect if you’re rocking some other American themed apparel that day and want something simple to match.

So there ya have it, our suggestion on how to rep the Red, White and Blue this Memorial Day. So go out toss the ball around, BBQ some burgers and let us know what you’re rockin’ on feet this weekend!

Interview with Naomi Reid of Latigo Footwear

May 20th, 2014

Latigo Footwear, DNA Footwear’s Brand Crush for the end of this May, is one of my personal favorites. Latigo’s sandals and booties are all beautifully made with the softest leather and perfect for matching your summer style. It is unbelievably refreshing to find a line of shoes that transition so well from the laid back California vibe to the trendy Brooklyn way of life.

This month I spoke with Naomi Reid, the Design Director at Latigo, about her current position and the creative process behind designing such a breathtaking line of shoes. Born in New York City, Naomi has spent time living in both Brooklyn, California and Vermont. In addition to living on both the East and West Coast, Naomi is a world traveler and pulls inspiration from all of her adventures. Whether you are a fan of Latigo or curious to hear the inside scoop on what it’s like to design shoes, Naomi’s insights are sure to inspire your fashion choices this spring and summer season. Read on for more about Naomi’s career in design and what places she finds most inspiring. And, for those of you wanting more of Naomi’s take on design, visit Naomi Reid: Inspiration & Design Behind Latigo featured on the DNA Footwear Pinterest Account.

Full Name: Naomi Reid Current Title: Design Director Latigo Footwear Educational Background: Parsons School of Design NYC and Academy of Art San Francisco

What was the inspiration for the first pair of shoes you designed? I started designing when I was five. Doing things like cutting all the hems on my dresses… just cause they looked too long to me… or painting red dots all over my yellow carpet… cause it looked better. My mom was super patient. The first pair of shoes was designed in my head when I showed up to school wearing a pair of shoes that no one else had or understood.  Since we only got one new pair of school shoes each season, childhood embarrassment was the inspiration… the deep nagging for the next perfect shoe started then and hasn’t stopped. Tell us about the process of launching your very first collection. My first collection was designed on my kitchen table in my little apartment in SF. I went to design school but had never designed a shoe before. The inspiration was fueled by what I wanted to buy, but couldn’t afford or was frustrated not to find in the stores. I was a very young mother of 2 babies and didn’t have deep pockets to fund a new shoe wardrobe each season. I sketched my shoes using exotic skins, leopard and ostrich, bright colors, extreme toe characters and many of them couldn’t ever actually stay on a human foot. But, those sketches landed me my first shoe design job and many of those designs did get reworked into our first few collections. How did your current position with Footwear Unlimited come about? I had been freelancing for the Kenzie line of footwear. I was referred to Footwear Unlimited by one of our retail buyers. I am grateful to her everyday. This has been a super exciting ride! You travel so much for work, what is one of your favorite places to travel for design inspiration? That changes all the time. But, consistently I adore Los Angeles and New York for vintage finds and for seeing what’s happening on the street. I couldn’t live without my inspiring trips to Paris and Antwerp. But, often I find cool things when I am not expecting it: for instance some chic girl in an airport wearing something in a way that looks fresh and super right. It kind of pushes a button in my head. That can set the stage for my next collection. I am always looking, wherever I am. What has been the most rewarding experience for you as a designer? There is nothing like catching a glimpse of someone on the street looking amazing, wearing my shoes! Recently I was in NYC and coming up from the Broadway-Lafayette subway station and literally saw my shoes walking by on the sidewalk. She looked so cute and it made me happy. It’s always a great feeling. What advice would you give someone hoping to start their own line? Believe in yourself and follow your gut. Don’t get swayed by others and their opinions. Sometimes the “listening” to others will water down what you are trying to say and can pull you right down. San Francisco or New York? New York is where my roots are and it feeds me creatively. Even when I was still living in NYC, I felt that there was something essentially Californian about the Latigo collection. Living out here has closed that loop for me. And the weather is better! Best place for dinner in your neighborhood? My kitchen, of course. Our produce and ingredients are better in California, since more is grown locally year round… makes for a beautiful meal every night. And lastly, what’s your favorite pair of shoes that you own? Okay. I have to admit. I have a LOT of shoes. Surprised? But my go-to pair right now is the Latigo ASTRO in grey and a pair of metallic gold oxfords that I made a year ago. I am in love with metallics right now.

DNA Soho Memorial Day Weekend Sweepstakes

May 19th, 2014

Our new Soho location opens this Memorial Day Weekend! The store, located at 273 Lafayette Street, is our first in Manhattan and we are so excited that we are giving away a $500 Gift Certificate. All you have to do is be one of the first 500 people to stop in DNA Footwear in Soho during Memorial Day Weekend, snap a photo of yourself standing next to the DNA light sign in the store (pictured above), and tag #DNAsoho in your Instagram post. So make that dream shoe shopping list and grab your friends this weekend to enter the perfect summer sweepstakes.

Spring Weddings

May 12th, 2014

Not only is May one of the most beautiful months in New York City but it also marks the beginning of the spring wedding season. We love the ease of sneakers but between beaches and gardens, churches and barns, you’re going to need a couple of sturdy and fashionable heels comfortable enough to let you dance the night away. Chosen below are a few of our favorite spring heels in pretty pastels for you to bring to the next wedding you have on your calendar!

Love is in the air!



Canvas Kicks: Part Four, Keds

May 7th, 2014

Warm weather is finally here and with its arrival we wrap up our series of perfect Summer time kicks with a serious American classic.  A true “O.G” in the canvas and rubber game, the Keds Champion first hit store shelves back in 1916 making them the oldest kicks to make our list.

A few years shy of their 100 year anniversary, Keds have stood the test of time and have proven themselves as a certified staple piece of classic footwear. There is no going wrong with a brand that offers the most basic of summer time appropriate footwear. The brands flagship silhouette, the Champion, pictured above, was originally offered in a just a few select colors.

Today, thanks to collaborative works with Taylor Swift and a few others, the Champion has stepped away from its one color only mentality, making use of seriously impressive prints and has even introduced a few modified versions of the classic, in the form of a slip-on and chukka.  What pair do you want for summer?

Photo via the Keds blog Brave Heats.

Recruitment Event for New Soho Store

May 6th, 2014

Exciting news from DNA Footwear! In preparation for the opening of our first Manhattan store in Soho and the summer season that is rapidly approaching, we will be holding a recruitment event at the DNA Williamsburg store on Tuesday, May 13th. Come visit our store in Brooklyn’s (arguably) best shopping neighborhood from 3pm to 8pm to chat with some of our marketing, buying and store staff about how much we love working at DNA Footwear. So spruce up your resume, put on your favorite shoes and stop by to wow us with your dazzling personality. We can’t wait to meet you!

For more information email us at or visit our Careers page on our website.

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

May 5th, 2014

Mother’s Day is almost here! We’ve picked three great Mother’s Day finds for you to grab for your mom before this weekend.

1. Stance socks. I don’t know about you but my mom’s favorite gift year after year is a pair of new socks. She always says that if she ever had unlimited funds she would wear a new pair of socks every day. Well, I know I can’t make that dream come true for my mom but I do know that I can get her at least one or two new pairs for the spring. At DNA Footwear we carry the best brand of socks out there. Stance Socks are super comfortable and come in the most unique prints.

2. A spring bag. Picking out a bag for mom can sometimes be intimidating. Good thing we have the best fringe bag that will match all of her summer styles. These Minnetonka handbags are just the the right size to fit all of her esentials. The only problem is picking the right color!

4. A new pair of shoes. What mom doesn’t need another pair of shoes? My two favorite picks for this Mother’s Day are the Nyssa Mid Wedge Ankle Strap Sandal from UGG Australia and the Miller High Wedge Platform Sandal from Lucky Brand. They are both super comfortable and perfect for any fashion forward mom.

Friday’s with… Kailey from Mermaidens

May 2nd, 2014

Welcome to the newest series on the DNA Blog, Friday With…! In conjunction with the new DNA Footwear Blog set to be launched this month we are beginning a new feature in which we highlight a different blogger every Friday. Ever wish you could ask some of your favorite fashion and lifestyle bloggers questions? Come visit us every Friday to hear great answers and start your weekend off right! Read below for our first installment featuring blogger Kailey of Mermaidens.

Q: What is Mermaidens about?
A: Mermaidens is my little corner of the internet where I share my personal style, illustrations, DIY projects, and talk about things I love!

Q: What is your favorite pair of shoes that you own?
A: I have a pair of metallic silver flats from ASOS and I absolutely adore them! They remind me of ice skates and while I love heels, I always feel the most comfortable and secure in flats.

Q: What is your dream pair of shoes?
A: Any pair that resemble ice cream or are metallic pastels!

Q: What’s the best local spot in your neighborhood?
A: Voo-doo Donuts and the thrift stores would be my favorite places to visit! I can’t resist bakery goods…

Q: Who is your fashion inspiration of the moment?
A: I’ve really been loving Lily Collins’ style. She looks equally incredible wearing frilly, cutesy outfits as she does wearing more grudgey inspired looks – I admire that versatility!

Thanks so much Kailey for the great interview! For more interviews with lifestyle and fashion bloggers check in next Friday for our newest installment. Happy weekend everyone!


Canvas Kicks: Part Three, Volley

April 30th, 2014

Keeping the countdown going, our third brand of canvas summer time must haves comes from Australia, the land down under. Once a staple piece of tennis footwear, today Volley is as throwback as they get.

For Volley, the saying “less is more” is practically a way of life. In the brands hefty 70 year history the offerings have barely changed. A short lived high top take on the brands low profile Volley international was released in the 80’s. Give or take some subtle details, that move marks the most extreme change any Volley silhouette has gone through since it’s inception.

Originally designed as high end tennis shoes, Volley would get a lot of attention from blue collar workers and Australian “Bushwalkers” (hikers) thanks to its high grip outsole and seriously comfortable insole – like seriously comfortable insole.

Keeping the retro wave alive and well, today Volley builds each shoe according to the brands 1975 specifications, and have even re-introduced the ‘basketball boot’ version of the Volley International. While no longer the high caliber go-to on court kicks, of yesteryear, silhouettes like the Volley OC and the Volley International can still turn a few heads thanks to the brands unique, unmistakable silhouettes and use of printed canvas builds.