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What Do Your Shoes Say About You?

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

shoe personality

Whether you like it or not, how you dress says a lot about who you are and how you choose to present yourself. Facing the fact that you’re a shoe embarrassment might increase your chance at date, a job, or even a friendship — self-awareness is the first step in shoe recovery.

Athletic Shoes (ALL the time) – Don’t get us wrong, wearing athletic shoes sends the message that your care about your personal health and fitness but when you never take them off you’re sending a different message: “I am insecure and want everyone to know that I am athletic (even though I only run on the treadmill).”

Kitten Heels – “I use to only wear flats until I became self-conscious about my height but I’m still to afraid to take the plunge into pumps.”

Toe Shoes (NOT the ballet kind) – If you’re one of those individuals who wear toe shoes, you know the ones that go between each and every toe, TAKE THEM OFF and save yourself the embarrassment of our critique.

Combat Boots – We are all for the combat boot trend and are guilty of it ourselves but there is a right and a wrong way to do it. Right — Skinny jeans and a tee or a lace dress to add a touch of femininity. Wrong — Combat boots with ripped jeans, ripped shirt, and skull/cross jewelry… You’re scaring the little children.

Crocs – These go up there with toe shoes and the “slob” title. We understand they are comfortable (actually we don’t because we refuse to step a foot in them) but they send the “I don’t care about my appearance” vibe, meaning no dates and no new jobs in your future.

The shoe infractions go on and on, as do our not so nice words of advice. By no means are we criticizing you, we are pushing you to be a better you: one with confidence and class. Shoes are meant to be accents not costumes.

By: Ashley Tschudin

Holiday Gift Guide: Footwear For Hipsters

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

gift guide

If you frequently use the term “post-modern”, carry a “satchel” (men included), & live in Williamsburg, then chances are you’re a hipster. Not that you’d ever admit to being a hipster but if the shoe fits, wear it (LITERALLY).

With our new Williamsburg location it’s only fitting that our ‘Holiday Gift Guide’ features the ever-so cliche hipsters. Leave your tattered Converse & Toms behind because there is a whole new gang of urban chic taking over – driving loafers,  penny loafers, ankle boots, and desert boots.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do NOT mention the word ‘hipster’ when gift giving to your ‘hipster’ friend…they don’t take well to labels.



By: Ashley Tschudin

Brand of the Day: Mustang 30% Off

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

mustang shoes

Could there be a better distressed boots than those from Mustang?! We think not! Share in our (healthy) obsession with Mustang Footwear with our 30% off ‘Brand of the Day’ sale.

Mustang shoes were designed to work with denim, the ultimate casual shoes which are comfortable as well as stylish. Offering everything from boots to trainers, sandals, and heels, Mustang has a pair of shoes to suit most. Uniquely designed with washed, distressed finishes to give a casual worn look, which will only get better with time. Founded in 1932, Mustang has a distinctively Western look but you don’t have to be a cowgirl to enjoy these boots!

{Shop Mustang 30% Off Nov. 30th-Dec. 8th}

By: Ashley Tschudin

Brand of the Day: Gentle Souls 30% Off

Friday, November 18th, 2011

gentle souls

Gentle Souls rounds off our first week of ‘Brands of the Day’ 30% off sales, which will continue until mid December.

“Kenneth Cole Productions Inc.” spawned from the movie “The Birth of a Shoe Company”, which funded Kenneth Cole’s footwear endeavors.  Gentle Souls is Kenneth Coles latest line, specializing in extreme comfort and quality organic materials. With a supple, breathable, deerskin lining and Flaxseed Memory Pillows, every boot, sandal, heel, and flat are innovative. Flaxseed Memory Pillows are encrusted in the footbed of all Gentle Souls shoes, allowing your feet to mold to them and providing a unique fit exclusive to you. Kenneth Cole has taken his enlightened understanding of shoe fashion, and combined with innovative technology that provides the most comfort ever found in a shoe.

When you think of comfort, often times you picture an old lady sneaker with a slightly unsual comfort “wedge”, but when it comes to Gentle Soul’s comfort those “wedges” are nowhere to be seen! Not only will you be walking on air but you’ll be doing it in style!

{Shop Gentle Souls Until Nov. 25th}

By: Ashley Tschudin

Trend Tuesday: Either/Or Featuring Dolce Vita

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

DNA Footwear

Same brand, same style, two different colors: Dolce Vita Jemma High Heel Bootie. Which one will you choose?

Either black or leopard, both of which pair well with distressed grey trousers, a green chunky kint, tan satchel, good luck gold earrings, and a statement necklace (or collar). Both pairs of Jemme High Heel Booties are versatile in their ability to mix and match with ANY (ok, MOST) of your fall wardrobe. The platform ankle booties are feminine yet edgy with their extra “chunky” heel and suede outer, making them a go-to for fashion bloggers, stylists, socialites, and even the occasional celebrity.

Born in 2001, Dolce Vita shoes have been setting trends all over America and the brand continues to awe consumers with their on-point trendy styles. Dolce Vita  is a favorite brand of Beyoncé and Rhianna, and Dolce Vita designs have been featured in magazines such as Lucky, Harper’s Bazaar, People StyleWatch, InStyle, Life and Style, InTouch, and The New York Post’s Page Six. 

You too can dress like Beyoncé and Rhianna with the Dolce Vita Jemmas in Black or Leopard.


Pants, Sweater, Satchel, Necklace, Earrings

By: Ashley Tschudin

Where Wear: Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

dna footwear

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, what are you going to wear?!  Obviously, that’s the most important decision other than the turkey, right? This Turkey Day, stick with a neutral footwear pallet that will work with any outfit choice. Who says neutral had to be boring? Whether you’re entertaining at home or headed out for a special dinner, there is a perfect shoe for you:

1. Burr, It’s Cold: So it’s 40 degrees out but rocking Uggs doesn’t seem like the most glamorous thing to wear … enter the Rachel Zoe ‘Audrey’! The high ankle cut of the boot will keep you nice and warm but looking oh-so chic at the same time.

2. Home for the Holidays: Mom may be cooking in her house shoes and Dad, his socks, but you can be comfy and cute with the Dolce Vita ‘Banya’.  The bow adds the perfect girly detail that will have your sister asking: “Where did you get those boots?”.

3. Hostess with the Mostess: Just because your running around getting dinner ready for 20+ people doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style! The Mia ‘Britannia’ flat will add “umph” to any outfit and leopard is hot hot hot right now. 

4. Fancy Time: Steal the show with the simple yet sexy Badgley Mischka ‘Hyde’. It’s the perfect holiday shoe that will carry you through New Years and beyond.

5. Out on the Town:  If you’re headed to a posh Thanksgiving dinner then the Steven ‘Mercyy’ will definitely make a statement. The platform will keep you comfortable while you schmooze plus metallic goes with everything!

Now there is no excuse not to look FAB on Thanksgiving!

By: Ashley Torres

Trend Alert: Prepster Chic

Friday, November 4th, 2011

dna footwear

From polo matches to brunch at the club, you’ll be the most stylish prepster among the elite. The preppy look might be trendy but it is also a transitional classic that has withstood the ever-changing fashion world. Beginning in the 1970′s with a peak in the 80′s, the prepster chic look is back with a twist on the conventional oxford, transforming an original flat to a heeled bootie.

A new take on a men’s shoe, the heeled oxford stylizes your tweed blazer and pleated skirt. From the lace-up oxford bootie to the platform oxford bootie, each provide a level of sophistication unmatched by traditional high heels.

This trend is not only being watched by the DNA Footwear team but has also been recently highlighted by J. Crew, Fashion Pulse Daily, The Find, and more! You can’t go wrong with an easy to walk in & even easier to style, oxford bootie.

Don’t forget your pearl earrings to match!

{Shop — Top to Bottom, Left to Right}


By: Ashley Tschudin

How To: Build Your Shoe Wardrobe

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Step into the DNA closet for a moment and let’s discuss your shoe wardrobe. Today, we will act as your shoe therapist, providing you with the necessary tools to flourish as a shoe connoisseur.

Over the years, you have collected shoes here in there from different seasons, styles, and trends, but have you ever asked yourself why you have the shoes you do and how you could spend your shoe budget more wisely? The first step in shoe therapy is admitting you have a problem, a problem that can easily be solved by DNA Footwear.

{1} Line up your shoes by style and color, giving you a full view of your already overindulgent collection.

{2} Narrow down — If you have more than three of the same color in one style, nix the least worn. Be realistic — Nobody needs more than three neon yellow loafers.

{3} Dispose or donate never worn or damaged shoes.

{4} Time to rebuild with shoe basics — If you don’t already have them, you will need at least one pair of:

Flats: Ballet Flat, Clog, Loafer, Oxford, Mary-Jane, Moccasin, Dockside, Mule, Espadrille, Slipper, Flatform

Sandals: Flip Flop, Gladiator, Dressy, High Heel

Heels: Pump (open & close toe), Platform, Wedge, Slingback

Sneakers: Running, Hiking, Every Day

Boots: Bootie, Heeled, Mid-calf, Knee-high, Thigh-high, Cowboy, Rain Boot, Snow Boot

This may seem like a daunting task not only to organize your shoe closet but also to rebuild your footwear wardrobe with the basics. This is not an overnight process and instead takes time and money to complete. God forbid you don’t have the appropriate shoe for every occasion! That’s why here at DNA we have your best interest and footwear needs in mind.

Today’s shoe therapy session is over. Please pay our secretary on the way out — we take all major credit cards, checks, and of course cash. See you again next week!

By: Ashley Tschudin

The Perfect Pair: Featuring Jeffrey Campbell

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

jeffrey campbell

‘Tis the season to color block with black and orange — The DNA Footwear team and Jeffrey Campbell are getting into the holiday spirit.

The ever-so-alluring Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk High Platform confuses and entices onlookers with its “phantom” heel. The rounded edges call for geometric hard lines to balance out the platform curvature. Hence today’s ‘Perfect Pair’ post, all of which is available at DSW, Net-a-Porter, Endless, Zappos, Far Fetch, Saks, and Bloomingdales.

{Outfit 1}

Off to a day in the city, an industry event, or a gallery opening? No matter where the day or night takes you, pair your Night Walk High Platforms with an orange fitted blazer, blue trousers, a tucked-in black long-sleeve shirt, and geometric bag and earrings. Warning: This outfit is only for the most adventurous fashion enthusiast.


{Outfit 2}

A little less over the top than outfit 1, outfit 2 again follows our orange motif with a slinky dress, geometric necklace and earrings, and woven clutch. While this outfit isn’t as over-the-top as the first, it is subtly attention-grabbing.

Dress, Necklace, Earrings, Clutch

By: Ashley Tschudin

Men’s Style: Re Re Replay

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011


The name “Replay” is closely linked to the brand’s mission and to the man who conceived it in 1978. Apparently, while watching the World Cup Soccer tournament in Argentina, Claudio Buziol saw the word “re-play” flash on the screen for the first time and decided that it would be a perfect name for a clothing line which alluded to the world of vintage by reinterpreting clothing from the past in a contemporary way. Thank god it wasn’t “Rewind or Goooooal” that flashed onscreen!

Replay Footwear is now a leading brand in the world of footwear and offers collections that range from casual to dressy to city to urban. Its spirit and essence maintain the characteristics of the brand that hints at a hand-crafted look that combines real expression and past experience.

If you look closely at the Crom Flat Boot by Replay, these boots look like they’ve been transported from the set of Marlon Brando’s 1953 film The Wild One. So for that Wild One look, team your Crom Flat Boots by Replay with distressed dark blue denims rolled up at the ankle, black leather jacket, white t-shirt, and some aviator glasses.

Triumph motorcycle and 21st century iPod are optional.

By: Styleopedia