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Eco-Friendly Footwear: Crocs on Crocs on Crocs….IN STOCK!

Thursday, March 8th, 2012


Ya, ya, ya….so we’ve given into the hype and are now carrying for the first time ever Crocs clogs for the comfort seeking, amphibious kind. Although their eco- friendliness is still in debate (and may be full of croc as the long winded plastic substitute used, “Proprietary Closed Cell Resin” or Croslite,  tells us nothing of its carbon footprint) everyone from tree huggers to corporate cowboys are clogging around in their Crocs on and off the clock. DNA Footwear Crocs Selection

 Having become a household name since their creation in 2002 Crocs are one of the leading multi-purpose shoes on the market. Their color variety and comfort maintain a loyal following from adults to kids. Give your feet a break from sweaty boots and six inch stillettos in the uber comfy clogs or sport a pair of the ballet flats. The color options vary depending on gender and age but our selection is fit to please. So why not get cozy in a pair of Crocs?

♥Amy K.

Kids: T-UGG o’ War

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012


Kids Classic Ugg Boots

This one is gonna be a toughy! Consistently trending for the little tykes and big kids alike, UGG Australia keeps toes warm in a variety of colorways year round. When it comes to your child’s feet comfort, durability and style all come into play.  This Spring, UGG Australia is showing lots of love for the tiny tootsies with plenty of patterns and styles.

Slide those precious little toes into a pair of Frosty Mint classic boots to keep your young one the coolest in the class or have her run amuck in a set of Pink Dakota Flat moccasins on the playground. For the creative cutie check out our newest arrival featuring a paint-splatter pattern for toddlers (my personal favorite pictured above; coming soon!). With such a fun variety for our future fashionistas, deciding which pick will fit your trendy Tot is sure to bring out the kid in you!

♥ Amy K.

The Great Shoe Debate: Children’s High Heels

Monday, January 9th, 2012

children's high heels

 Many mothers and health experts ask, “how young is too young to wear high heels?”, while others like Katie Holmes Cruise find it appropriate. In a day and age where children grow up too quickly, the great debate over kid’s high heels heats up. Women wear high heels for the form enhancing features but what reason do little girls have?

Holmes defends her decision saying, “like every little girl, she loves my high heels. They are actually ballroom dancing shoes for kids. I found them for her and she loves them”. Not only does she love them but they make great press for a celebrity family — by age 5 Suri is already a style icon.

Moderation is key in this debate, which Holmes understands by allowing her daughter to wear them “on special occasions”… for god sakes she’s not wearing them to the park!

You decide: Cute or Creepy?

{Inspired by OK!}

By: Ashley Tschudin

Kid’s Style: Winter Accessories

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

kids accessories

First, we have to start by saying, “Does it get any cuter than this?!” No, seriously that chunky face, that little happy innocence, the hat! Nothing is cuter than a fat little nugget, okay maybe a fat little nugget WITH a winter hat!

You’re not the only one that needs to keep warm this winter, your tiny tots are even more susceptible to a winter cold. This winter, your kids will not only keep warm but keep warm in style with the help of DNA and UGG Australia who have a wide variety of hats, scarves, mittens, and earmuffs just for them!

Disclaimer: Please also put a shirt on your baby. A hat without a shirt really defeats the purpose. 

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By: Ashley Tschudin

Where Wear? New Year’s Eve Kids

Friday, December 30th, 2011


While there is no time left to shop, we’re hoping to give you a little inspiration for your tiny tots this New Year’s Eve. They may not be allowed to stay up as late as the grown-ups, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be as snazzy as them! Don’t leave this kids out this New Year, deck them out in style just as you would yourself.

Boys… Keep it simple black or brown just as you would men’s NYE attire. Go for slip-ons,velcro straps, or a classic boot style — easy, young, yet sophisticated.

Girls… Metallic, pink, sparkles, the whole shebang! Let your little girl play dress up, which will be great prep for future NYE’s to come.

NYE Image Source: Pinterest


Boys… 1,2,3,4

Girls… 1,2,3,4

By: Ashley Tschudin

Holiday Gift Guide (Part Six): Footwear for Kids

Monday, December 5th, 2011

gift guide

If you want your little girl to grow up and be a ballerina, she needs a pair of sparkly flats. If you want your little boy to grow up and be a sailor, he needs the perfect boat shoes. If you want your little girl to be Nicole Richie she needs boho chic moccasin boots. Whatever you want your child to grow up to be (even if it’s a celebrity with an eye for style…no judgement), they have to dress the part. It may seem slightly absurd to the average parent — you know the ones who still wear mom jeans — but if you take care in your child’s appearance he or she will too in the future.

Take this holiday season as the time to help your child find comfort, durability, and style. How well a shoe fits and how long it lasts is of key importance when it comes to children’s shoes so spend the extra time to research brands like UGG, Timberland, Ralph Lauren. While you may know how well these brands fit adults, ask yourself if they know what works best for children as well.



By: Ashley Tschudin

Holiday Gift Guide (Part Three): Footwear For Kids

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

gift guide

The holidays are a special time of year, especially for the wee  tots who believe in the spirit of December. Surprise your little ones this season with DNA Footwear and watch as they unwrap mini shoes (and nothing is cuter than mini shoes).

Spoil them with new kicks, boots, sneakers, slippers, and clogs. From UGG Australia to the ever-so-popular Yo Gabba Gabba! Vans, your children will be the most stylish ones on the playground. The others will gawk in awe as they swing higher and higher on the swing set new shoes wooshing in the wind!

Don’t let Suri Cruz be the only mini-fashionista anymore!



By: Ashley Tschudin

Brand of the Day: Kickers 30% Off

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011


Black Friday: CHECK. Cyber Monday: CHECK. Now, time to get back to the Brand of the Day 30% off sales, starting today with Kickers. Women, men, AND kids rejoice because the rustic chic boots and sandals you’ve been eyeing are on sale starting today until Dec 6th.

One year prior to their foundation in 1970, founder Daniel Raufast came across a poster of the world famous show “Hair” and was intrigued by the featured youth. Noting that the jean-clad people on the poster were pictured barefoot, Daniel decided it was time to create footwear for the jean-wearer. In other words, Daniel sought out to create a style of shoes compatible with denim. Designer Jacques Chevallereau created the first “jean boot” for Kickers, ensuring the new style was the perfect companion for denim-centered looks. The new scheme became so successfully that Kickers’ productions numbers soared form 300 to 12,000 in just one month. Four years later, Raufast founded Kickers, and today, the brand can be found at retail stores in over 70 countries (including DNA Footwear!).

Grab your pocketbook because these hot sellers won’t last long at these prices!

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By: Ashley Tschudin

Daddy & Me: Tiny Timberland

Monday, November 7th, 2011

dna footwear

Nothing is cuter than your shoes in mini version, especially when they are Timberland boots. While Timberland boots were originally created for blue collar workers and your tiny ones aren’t exactly the 9-5 type, playing in the sandbox can be tough work!

We previously featured Timberland on the blog but since these boots are so popular and fly off our shelves we figured why not give it a second go around?!  You’ll be ready to romp around with your little one AND rake the leaf clustered lawn with the Woodbury 93104 Boot and the mini you will be even more stylish in the Crossing Roll-Top Boot in Dark Brown or Wheat .

Keep warm this winter with waterproof Timberland boots, insulated with fleece for extra protection.

By: Ashley Tschudin

Collaboration Alert: Vans + Yo Gabba Gabba!

Friday, October 28th, 2011

yo gabba gabbayo gabba gabba

Vans has joined forces with The Magic Store and W!LDBRAIN Entertainment for a Vans and Yo Gabba Gabba! collection. Yo Gabba Gabba! ranks as one of the most popular series on television and stage, with a broad appeal among preschoolers, parents, teens and adults and now these energetic characters are popping off the screen and onto your tots toes!

Available in time for the holidays, the shoes come in Vans’  Classic Slip-On and Sk8-Hi Deconstruct styles for both boys and girls (sizes 10.5-4) and toddlers (sizes 4-10). The collection includes eight different versions, with each character represented on their own shoe, bringing the characters to life.

What you might not know about this already highly publicized collection is that Yo Gabba Gabba!’s co-creator Christian Jacobs has teamed up with fellow director Jason Devilliers and producer Nate Rogers to create a series of five original shorts, each inspired by the world of sports and music.

The popular kids show originally premiered on Nickelodeon in August 2007 and it was not long before it became a sensational hit.

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By: Ashley Tschudin