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Where Wear? Valentine’s Day

Monday, January 16th, 2012

valentines day

While Valentine’s Day may not be everyone’s favorite holiday, it doesn’t mean that you can’t dress your best — no matter if you’re single or taken. Join in on this Hallmark holiday in the red and black spirit (because pink is so cliche).

Do your best in February to show old Cupid that you’re not as anti-love as you thought you were. Maybe if you get your feet in the spirit, you won’t be as inclined to make a sour face every time a couple kisses on the street or makes goo-goo eyes at one another. Wearing one statement red or black piece is acceptable but steer clear of being matchy-matchy and looking like a walking candy kiss.



By: Ashley Tschudin

Where Wear? Traveling

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

dna footwear

The holidays are chaotic enough without agonizing over what to wear while traveling. From the endless security checks to overweight baggage, prioritizing your travel attire is key.

Stay away from sky high heels and excessive buckles and instead opt for flats or booties. Nobody likes to stand in line waiting while the primadona ahead of them takes her precious time unstrapping her boots. Additionally, nobody likes being THAT girl. Make your travels less hectic and let DNA do all the work — all you have to do is pick, click, and tada! they’re yours.



By: Ashley Tschudin

As Seen In… People StyleWatch

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

paris hilton

A huge thanks to the editors behind People StyleWatch for consistently supporting DNA Footwear and our vast selection of brands. Their December issue is fun-filled with holiday gift ideas from beauty to footwear. One such “Perfect Pair’ featured in their holiday issue is the Paris Hilton “Spelled” satin pump with crystal embellishment.

It’s the season of not only gift-giving but party attending as well, meaning we want to help you (along with StyleWatch‘s assistance) find the holiday high heel to mix and match with your favorite bags. The Paris Hilton “Spelled” pump is available in grey, magenta, turquoise, and black — all with a satin finish. The crystal embellishment on the heel adds a hint of femininity and glitz.

Go glam with DNA Footwear, StyleWatch, and Paris Hilton this December!

{Shop Paris Hilton}

By: Ashley Tschudin

Get the Blogger Look: Featuring M Loves M & Blowfish

Monday, December 19th, 2011

blowfishWith thousands of blogs stored in our Google Reader, coming across your favorite blogger in one of your favorite shoe brands is a welcome surprise. Mara of M Loves M effortlessly outfits herself in the Blowfish Wycliffe Mid Heel Bootie styled with a gold sequin skirt (how festive!), grey turtleneck, tights, and tribal knit — the perfect holiday inspired winter look.

You too can bundle up this winter in turtlenecks, chunky knits, and ankle booties, all you need is a little inspiration in the form of M Loves M. The Wycliffe Blowfish Booties  are the perfect lace-ups with just the right amount of heel (not advised for snow), making them ideal for a day gift-shopping or for holiday parties!

{Get the Blogger Look}

By: Ashley Tschudin

Footwear Lover Stocking Stuffer

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

stocking stuffer

While we are as tired of holiday gift guides as you are, we can’t forget that empty stocking so nicely hung on your mantle. You bought their favorite sneakers, boots, and pumps but how could you forget the accessories to match?! Every shoe lover deserves at least one (or all) of the items listed in our stocking stuffer guide.

{1} No footwear lover can be without Jason Markk’s shoe cleaning kit, so nearly organized and packed perfectly with every goodie necessary.

{2,4} While they may seem ho-hum to you, the shoe afficianado needs their socks and UGG Australia gloves come winter.

{3,5,6,9} Any girl who has agonized in heels can understand the need for foot petals, LiftKits, FootzyRolls, and OUCH! shoe-lover bandaids.

{7,8} Without the much-needed footwear support & first-aid, the shoe-love in your life will need to turn to a nice glass of STLTO (Always a Perfect Fit) and the highly-coveted Jimmy Choo XV book.

Give the gift of footwear (accessories) this season and keep their stockings stuffed.



By: Ashley Tschudin

Holiday Footwear Gifts Under $50

Friday, December 9th, 2011

gift guide

While the holidays are about giving, in this economy it’s important that they are about saving as well. Here at DNA Footwear, we know a thing or two about fashion for less and the importance of a balance between quality and price. It is a common misconception that lower priced items mean lower quality goods and we want to prove you wrong with our ‘Holiday Footwear Gifts Under $50″ guide.

From Sam Edelman to Chelsea Crew, we have slashed our prices just for you (intentional rhyme). Give boots, wedges, clogs, and flats to the lady in your life (for less). The best part? She doesn’t have to know they were under $50!



By: Ashley Tschudin

‘Tis the Season $250 Shopping Spree Sweepstakes

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011


‘Tis the Season to give and DNA Footwear wants to give YOU a $250 shopping spree on us! To qualify ‘LIKE’ our Facebook fan page and enter here with appropriate contact information. Winner will be notified via email on Dec. 21, 2011.

One winner will receive a $250 gift certificate redeemable at DNA Footwear online. Note: Not applicable on UGG Australia purchases.

Holiday Gift Guide: Footwear For Hipsters

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

gift guide

If you frequently use the term “post-modern”, carry a “satchel” (men included), & live in Williamsburg, then chances are you’re a hipster. Not that you’d ever admit to being a hipster but if the shoe fits, wear it (LITERALLY).

With our new Williamsburg location it’s only fitting that our ‘Holiday Gift Guide’ features the ever-so cliche hipsters. Leave your tattered Converse & Toms behind because there is a whole new gang of urban chic taking over – driving loafers,  penny loafers, ankle boots, and desert boots.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do NOT mention the word ‘hipster’ when gift giving to your ‘hipster’ friend…they don’t take well to labels.



By: Ashley Tschudin

Holiday Gift Guide: Footwear for Athletes

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

athletic shoes

I may only run on the treadmill, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know a thing or two about the importance of proper athletic footwear. Way back in the day, before I found solace in sequins and leopard print, I use to play nearly every sport. For those who know me this may be a shocker…keep in mind I never said I was GOOD at these sports. During my “I want to be just like Brandy Chastain’ stage, I cared little about proper footwear and today I pay the price with two fluid-filled knees (GROSS) and my joints’ newly found ability to sense cold weather.

If you don’t want to end up running a block only to have to stop and ice your knees, pay close attention to what you slide your feet into. Those neon kicks may accessorize well with your new sports bra or athletic shorts but are they really improving your health and performance?

Help the athlete in your life look good and feel good with some of the top sporting footwear for both men and women.



By: Ashley Tschudin

As Seen In…InStyle

Monday, December 5th, 2011


Perusing through the December issue of any fashion magazine is sure to excite you as you flip through the holiday gift guides, especially this year’s InStyle 2011 ‘Gift Guide’. From beauty to baubles and boots inbetween, InStyle highlights the best that 2011 shopping has to offer. 368 pages into the guide we stumbled across familiar footwear: the Sorel Tofino Canvas Flat Mid Calf Boot in none other than cherry red!

We challenge you to find a more festive pair of boots than chrisp red Sorels with fur detailing!  Keep you feet dry and warm come snow season with the Tofino casual boots. Not only will you be cozy you’ll be keeping warm in style with a quilted outer, stitched leather toe, and gold hardware. Did we mention the no slip grip protects you from some major winter woopsys!?

{Shop Sorel}

By: Ashley Tschudin