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Designer Spotlight: Lika Mimika

Friday, December 30th, 2011

like mimika

Curl up with a cozy blanket, candles, a cup of tea, reading your favorite book while your feet keep toasty in Lika Mimika’s.  Somewhere between espadrilles and UGGs comes Lika Mimika slippers — luxury footwear like you’ve never felt before.

Lika Mimika is a Frankfurt-based footwear brand known for their leather espadrilles made of extremely soft lamb, goat and calfskin leather. Manufactured and hand stitched in Alicante, Spain, the brand stands for liberty, ease, and primarily simplicity. According to Elle Magazine, “the mix-and-matching of different styles reflects the global view of Lika Mimika’s design duo; Condic, who splits her time between Frankfurt and Berlin, named the label after Lika, a region in Croatia, while Lisa, who has lived in Germany, London, and Paris, in addition to Spain, picked the word Mimika for the tribe of the same name in Papau New Guinea.”

We wouldn’t be surprised if you couldn’t take them off and wore them until next season leaving the fur-lined pairs behind for their traditional espadrille collection!

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By: Ashley Tschudin

Celebs Go Native with Minnetonka

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011
minnetonkaPhotography Source: Bing

There is a footwear epidemic sweeping the nation (ok, maybe just Hollywood) and its ringleader is Minnetonka. From Kate Moss to Lindsay Lohan, celebrities strut their street style for the cameras, sporting Minnetonka boots and booties. These moccasins were invented long before Kate Moss stopped eating and Lohan went to jail (for the fifth time) and will be here long after this trend has come and gone — which we don’t foresee in the near future.

The boots are perfect for a quick trip to the newsstand to pick up your weekly tabloids or for a weekend music festival. Easy to match with nearly anything you’ll find comfort in the ultra-soft suede, which only gets softer over time. Leave your stilettos behind and show your casual side with Minnetonka (paparazzi not included).

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By: Ashley Tschudin

Double Trouble (Part II)

Thursday, December 1st, 2011


No need to put on your glasses, you’re not seeing double. You’re viewing what has become a terrible trend in the footwear industry — copycat syndrome. While we support both Restricted and Dolce Vita, we are left wondering who copied whom… Why don’t we give them both the benefit of the doubt and say that they brilliantly concocted the designs simultaneously?

When featuring these black wedge booties we even confused ourselves when labeling. It takes a keen eye to spot the major differences between the two:

{1} The Dolce Vita wedge is 4″ with a 1 1/4″ platform, while the Restricted wedge has a 5″ hidden wedge and a 1″ platform. (We care about blogging so much we actually measured it for you)

{2} The Restricted version has a smoother leather outer.

{3} Most important: PRICE — Dolce Vita= $189.99, Restricted=$109.99

What’s more important to you a higher wedge with a higher price or smaller wedge with a lower price? The direct wedge/price correlation makes sense but what doesn’t, is how one brand got ahold of the other’s design… the mystery remains.

{Shop Restricted}

{Shop Dolce Vita}

By: Ashley Tschudin

Men’s Style: Boots with Attitude

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011


Just arriving at platform 9¾  from the Brooklyn Station is the Men’s Offbeat Ankle Boot – Black Rustic by: Bed:Stu. Meticulously hand-crafted and fresh from their creative little hands in their design studio and warehouse in Bedford Stuyvesant. Like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bed:Stu boasts it’s own cult following with its fans. Their boots are a little like their prospective owners, distressed, worn, soft, comfortable and one of a kind.

Because of Bed:Stu‘s organic tanning process, all of their shoes have different characteristics which give each piece it’s own individuality and identity, making it authentic just like you. You get the feeling looking at the Men’s Offbeat Ankle Boot, with it’s classic styling and it’s unapologetic attitude, that you don’t choose the boot; they choose you (A bit like the scene where Harry Potter goes to the wand shop to get a new wand).

These Men’s Offbeat Ankle Boots are built to last a lifetime, with proper care, and can be handed down to their rightful heirs. What the hell, if you love them that much, take them with you!

By: Styleopedia

Brand of the Day: Luichiny 30% Off

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011


While Luichiny is not exactly a household name it soon will be because of our ‘Brand of the Day’ 30 % off sale. Fill your winter wardrobe with next season’s hottest brand: Luichiny.

Jennifer Lopez isn’t the only good thing to come out of the Bronx, Luichiny is making their mark on New York as well. Known for both their casual and evening sandals and heels, the brand spices up your wardrobe with prints and textures. The designers behind the brand travel to Europe, South America, and Asia to uncover the latest fashion trends, always testing new European styles in New York. Purchased by Demand Shoes, LLC in December of 2005, Luichiny Shoes began distribution in April of 2006. Now showcased in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Finland, DNA Footwear is lucky enough to offer them to you here in New York.

Bold, sexy and awe inspiring- we present the exclusive Luichiny footwear collection.

Information Source: Luichiny

By: Ashley Tschudin


Double Trouble

Monday, November 28th, 2011

jeffrey campbell chelsea crew

Let us start by wishing you a very happy Cyber Monday (Don’t forget to use coupon code ‘CM20′  for 25% off – excludes UGGs,Pajar,Sorel)!

Now, onto the blogging. In the fashion blogging industry, one shoe stands apart… the Jeffrey Campbell Lita — a fashion cult classic. Since the Lita’s rise to footwear stardom many brands have joined in on the platform high heel boot trend. One of these lookalike brands is Chelsea Crew who calls their “original creation” the Timber High Heel Bootie, boasting a hidden platform and lace up detailing. Similar to the Lita in design, the Timber has a 4 1/2″ heel and 1 1/2″ platform while the Lita has a 5″ wooden heel and 2 1/4″ hidden platform. Another difference is the price, which Timber gets our vote for; $79.99 as opposed to the Lita’s steep $145 price tag.

Which fits your style and budget best?

Timber (Black)

Timber (Brown)

Lita (Black)

Lita (Brown)

By: Ashley Tschudin

Brand of the Day: Bebe 30% Off

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011


Since we do TWO ‘Brands of the Day’ every day, we think it’s only fair to do one sneaker brand and one fancy footwear brand: bebe. Bebe will be on sale for 30% off starting today and lasting until Nov. 30th so get your holiday party heels now! Don’t wait until December to save on the latest high heels, wedges, and boots.

Bebe designs, develops and produces a distinctive line of contemporary women’s apparel and accessories under the sub-brands bebe, BEBE SPORT, 2b bebe, and bebe outlet. The bebe revolution began in San Francisco in1976, founded by Manny Mashouf, who saw a gap in the fashion industry. In the 70′s, clothing categories were set between juniors and bridge and provocative clothing was yet to be invented. Mashouf wanted to offer women a chance to wear age-appropriate clothing, which would flatter and make them feel good about themselves, thus he created bebe. What many don’t know about the brand is that the name was inspired by the Shakespearean quote “to be or not to be”, and was a call for women to make statements with their clothing.

Make your statement with DNA Footwear and  bebe today!

Photography Source: Fashion Prospectress

By: Ashley Tschudin



Men’s Style: Chris Brown Rocks Palladium

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

chris brown

Palladium was founded in 1920 in the fledgling aviation industry to make tires.  Their expertise was so advanced that soon the majority of Europe’s aircraft were using Palladium tires. After World War I, the demand for tires died down, thus Palladium decided to open a plant in Pont De Cheruy, France to start producing footwear. Soon, the legendary Pampa boot was born from their infamous tires.

Today, the time-tested design are as relevant as ever, combining over 60 years of authenticity with modern manufacturing. The Palladium Pampa Tacti boots are here and ready to help you dance like Chris Brown. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of stretch but we can dream can’t we? Chris Brown and his entourage recently hit the stage wearing a spread of Palladium styles with Brown himself wearing the Palladium Pampa Tacti boots. Bown is looking fffresh in the Palladium Pampa Tacti boots, so why not treat yourself?! Oh and by the by, the dancers and entourage cost extra.

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By: Styleopedia

Jeffrey Campbell Launches Men’s Collection

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

jeffrey campbell

Jeffrey Campbell knows what it takes to sell the hottest women’s footwear and now the brand is reinventing itself with a men’s collection: The Damned. The Jeffrey Campbell team took to the streets of New York to capture the true essence and attitude of men’s footwear.

Calling all men’s fashion bloggers, Jeffrey Campbell has the shoes and boots you’ve been dreaming of (you no longer have to borrow your girlfriend’s). From high heeled boots to wedges and flatforms, the Jeffrey Campbell “Damned” collection is not for the faint of heart.  You may think you’re oogling a women’s line, but trust us we were as shocked as you when we realized the traditionally women’s styles were for men.

First came the man-bag then the man-liner, now comes Jeffrey Campbell.

{More Information & Photos}

By: Ashley Tschudin

Brand of the Day: Gentle Souls 30% Off

Friday, November 18th, 2011

gentle souls

Gentle Souls rounds off our first week of ‘Brands of the Day’ 30% off sales, which will continue until mid December.

“Kenneth Cole Productions Inc.” spawned from the movie “The Birth of a Shoe Company”, which funded Kenneth Cole’s footwear endeavors.  Gentle Souls is Kenneth Coles latest line, specializing in extreme comfort and quality organic materials. With a supple, breathable, deerskin lining and Flaxseed Memory Pillows, every boot, sandal, heel, and flat are innovative. Flaxseed Memory Pillows are encrusted in the footbed of all Gentle Souls shoes, allowing your feet to mold to them and providing a unique fit exclusive to you. Kenneth Cole has taken his enlightened understanding of shoe fashion, and combined with innovative technology that provides the most comfort ever found in a shoe.

When you think of comfort, often times you picture an old lady sneaker with a slightly unsual comfort “wedge”, but when it comes to Gentle Soul’s comfort those “wedges” are nowhere to be seen! Not only will you be walking on air but you’ll be doing it in style!

{Shop Gentle Souls Until Nov. 25th}

By: Ashley Tschudin