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Get the look: Blair Badge & Minnetonka

Thursday, October 4th, 2012

Columbus Day is approaching and so is the long weekend. Whether you are looking to spice up your comfy look or add some boho to your trendy socialite outfit, let’s go native with Minnetonka Moccasin!

Blogger Blair Badge caught our attention when it comes to style her Minnetonka Tramper Ankle Bootie. Denim, printed fabrics and cutout sweaters seem to be her favorite pieces to pair with her effortlessly stylish booties. From one party to another, the blogger always find the perfect match up for a casual yet trendy day. Let’s say it; we’re totally obsessed with peeking at Blair Badge’s styles on her blog.


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Get the look with leggings and skinnies or denim shorts and tights. Your Minnetonkas will surely set the tone for your fall looks.

by Josi

Get the Blogger Look: Featuring M Loves M & Blowfish

Monday, December 19th, 2011

blowfishWith thousands of blogs stored in our Google Reader, coming across your favorite blogger in one of your favorite shoe brands is a welcome surprise. Mara of M Loves M effortlessly outfits herself in the Blowfish Wycliffe Mid Heel Bootie styled with a gold sequin skirt (how festive!), grey turtleneck, tights, and tribal knit — the perfect holiday inspired winter look.

You too can bundle up this winter in turtlenecks, chunky knits, and ankle booties, all you need is a little inspiration in the form of M Loves M. The Wycliffe Blowfish Booties  are the perfect lace-ups with just the right amount of heel (not advised for snow), making them ideal for a day gift-shopping or for holiday parties!

{Get the Blogger Look}

By: Ashley Tschudin

Holiday Gift Guide: Footwear For Hipsters

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

gift guide

If you frequently use the term “post-modern”, carry a “satchel” (men included), & live in Williamsburg, then chances are you’re a hipster. Not that you’d ever admit to being a hipster but if the shoe fits, wear it (LITERALLY).

With our new Williamsburg location it’s only fitting that our ‘Holiday Gift Guide’ features the ever-so cliche hipsters. Leave your tattered Converse & Toms behind because there is a whole new gang of urban chic taking over – driving loafers,  penny loafers, ankle boots, and desert boots.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do NOT mention the word ‘hipster’ when gift giving to your ‘hipster’ friend…they don’t take well to labels.



By: Ashley Tschudin

Brand of the Day: Mustang 30% Off

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

mustang shoes

Could there be a better distressed boots than those from Mustang?! We think not! Share in our (healthy) obsession with Mustang Footwear with our 30% off ‘Brand of the Day’ sale.

Mustang shoes were designed to work with denim, the ultimate casual shoes which are comfortable as well as stylish. Offering everything from boots to trainers, sandals, and heels, Mustang has a pair of shoes to suit most. Uniquely designed with washed, distressed finishes to give a casual worn look, which will only get better with time. Founded in 1932, Mustang has a distinctively Western look but you don’t have to be a cowgirl to enjoy these boots!

{Shop Mustang 30% Off Nov. 30th-Dec. 8th}

By: Ashley Tschudin

Brand of the Day: Luichiny 30% Off

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011


While Luichiny is not exactly a household name it soon will be because of our ‘Brand of the Day’ 30 % off sale. Fill your winter wardrobe with next season’s hottest brand: Luichiny.

Jennifer Lopez isn’t the only good thing to come out of the Bronx, Luichiny is making their mark on New York as well. Known for both their casual and evening sandals and heels, the brand spices up your wardrobe with prints and textures. The designers behind the brand travel to Europe, South America, and Asia to uncover the latest fashion trends, always testing new European styles in New York. Purchased by Demand Shoes, LLC in December of 2005, Luichiny Shoes began distribution in April of 2006. Now showcased in Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Finland, DNA Footwear is lucky enough to offer them to you here in New York.

Bold, sexy and awe inspiring- we present the exclusive Luichiny footwear collection.

Information Source: Luichiny

By: Ashley Tschudin


Double Trouble

Monday, November 28th, 2011

jeffrey campbell chelsea crew

Let us start by wishing you a very happy Cyber Monday (Don’t forget to use coupon code ‘CM20′  for 25% off – excludes UGGs,Pajar,Sorel)!

Now, onto the blogging. In the fashion blogging industry, one shoe stands apart… the Jeffrey Campbell Lita — a fashion cult classic. Since the Lita’s rise to footwear stardom many brands have joined in on the platform high heel boot trend. One of these lookalike brands is Chelsea Crew who calls their “original creation” the Timber High Heel Bootie, boasting a hidden platform and lace up detailing. Similar to the Lita in design, the Timber has a 4 1/2″ heel and 1 1/2″ platform while the Lita has a 5″ wooden heel and 2 1/4″ hidden platform. Another difference is the price, which Timber gets our vote for; $79.99 as opposed to the Lita’s steep $145 price tag.

Which fits your style and budget best?

Timber (Black)

Timber (Brown)

Lita (Black)

Lita (Brown)

By: Ashley Tschudin

Men’s Style: Chris Brown Rocks Palladium

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

chris brown

Palladium was founded in 1920 in the fledgling aviation industry to make tires.  Their expertise was so advanced that soon the majority of Europe’s aircraft were using Palladium tires. After World War I, the demand for tires died down, thus Palladium decided to open a plant in Pont De Cheruy, France to start producing footwear. Soon, the legendary Pampa boot was born from their infamous tires.

Today, the time-tested design are as relevant as ever, combining over 60 years of authenticity with modern manufacturing. The Palladium Pampa Tacti boots are here and ready to help you dance like Chris Brown. Ok, maybe that’s a bit of stretch but we can dream can’t we? Chris Brown and his entourage recently hit the stage wearing a spread of Palladium styles with Brown himself wearing the Palladium Pampa Tacti boots. Bown is looking fffresh in the Palladium Pampa Tacti boots, so why not treat yourself?! Oh and by the by, the dancers and entourage cost extra.

{Shop Palladium}

By: Styleopedia

Brand of the Day: Boutique 9 30% Off

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

dna footwear

One of the TWO ‘Brands of the Day’ is Boutique 9 and we are bringing it to you for one week only at 30% off!

Boutique 9 delivers sophisticated contemporary styles to customers who value quality and comfort (minus the large price-tag). Perfect for the modern woman, Boutique 9 is known not only for their huge boot selection, but also for their flats and pumps, all of which follow European design and craftsmanship. This season, Boutique 9 delivers you the hottest in fall styles, sticking with a fairly neutral color spectrum, remaining in the brown, black, and nude region. To add an extra touch or “love”, Boutique 9 “ages” their footwear, making them appear like distressed vintage pieces. Were they past down through your family or did you just step out of DNA Footwear? The fashion world will never know!

Nine West (yes, Boutique 9 is a sub-brand within Nine West)  is a world-renowned fashion leader offering the must-have trends of the season. Now THAT’S ‘affordable chic’!

{Shop Boutique 9}

By: Ashley Tschudin

Brand of the Day: Bernardo 30% Off

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

dna footwear

Today is the second ‘Brand of the Day’ feature and we are pleased to announce that, along with Blowfish, Bernardo is now 30% off. Like our previous ‘Brand of the Day‘, Bernardo will be available on sale beginning today and lasting one week, which means you better snag them up before they’re all gone!

Bernardo Rudofsky started the label Bernardo in 1947 with a decidedly Italian influence. Recently, having relocated in Santa Fe New Mexico, Bernardo has released a new lines of sandals, reflective of the Italian-American influences. With luxurious leathers and exotic designs, Rudofsky created the perfect sandals — comfortable and beautiful, these sandals have been spotted all over the tabloids on the feet of famous Hollywood stars like Halle Berry, Reese Witherspoon, and Beyonce. Bernardo shoes are truly works of art, carefully crafted, paying careful attention to detail. From the sandals to the wedges and boots, Bernardo footwear is quality that will not only last a lifetime but will remain in style for a lifetime. Simplicity is key, and only Bernardo can deliver a shoe that is simple, yet intricate in its beauty.

Which beauty will make it to your closet this week?

By: Ashley Tschudin

Men’s Style: Become a Member of the UGGerati

Monday, November 14th, 2011


Let’s start by examining the new face of the male UGGerati. He’s won three Super Bowls and is married to a supermodel, they say this could be the real test of Tom Brady manhood and star appeal. Why? Because Tom is promoting UGG Australia? Or is because they haven’t recognised he’s a true metrosexual?

The UGG Australia Classic Short Boot been described as a frumpy, furry foot sack but only, I feel, by men who would like to own a pair but don’t have the courage to step outside their comfort zones and buy a pair. These boots are the classic winter throw-on for the walking the dog in the park, winter, slouch look of big cable knits, snoods, scarfs and gloves.

So come on guys… sport those UGG Classic Short Boots and become a member of the ever-growing Uggerati!

By: Styleopedia