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The #ActiveDNA Challenge | Getting Started & Staying Motivated to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

Friday, January 10th, 2014

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  Though the journey to implement your new year’s resolution to be fit is not easy,
the rewards of staying active are super motivating.


The #ActiveDNA challenge is a gratifying exercise that will help you make fitness a part of your lifestyle.
Though, that is a gift on its own, sharing photos and videos of your journey via Instagram, with friends and other participants will afford you the opportunity to motivate yourself and others, in addition to a chance to claim the grand prize–a pair of sneakers by Asics Onitsuka Tiger.

Today, I am sharing what has helped me get started with DNA Footwear‘s #ActiveDNA Challenge.
I do so in hopes that it will help you realize your new year’s resolution to stay active and win a fun pair of Asics Onitsuka Tiger sneakers that are sure to keep up with your fitness journey beyond this month, through the rest of the year. Let’s get started!

1. Embrace your self as you are.
It is important that you peacefully align yourself with who you are at this moment, accepting yourself fully. Allow yourself to feel excitement and anticipation about the changes you will make to transform into  the version of you that you aspire to work hard to be.

2. Determine the intention for your changes.
Setting an intention helps you keep your eyes on the prize. If your burning desire is to become more limber and improve your flexibility, that will be the motivating force to rise from the comfort of your bed so that you make time to stretch for 15 minutes before starting your day. 

3. Remember, you have as many hours in a day as Beyonce–staying active is as easy as going about your day.
We don’t have time; we make time for the things most important to each of us. Evaluate your priorities and how they currently line up with your new year’s resolution to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle. Are you doing small things, every day, that support the realization of your fitness goals? For example, did you know that stepping out of the elevator and taking the stairs will decrease your risk of heart disease by 62%? Let’s get to steppin’!
Other easy activities that help you stay active include, skipping the subway and 
walking more; stretching with your pets; doing a few sets of jumping jacks, crunches and push ups while watching your favorite shows–believe it or not, watching TV this way burns calories at a rate of 72+ calories/hour depending on how intensely you go about your sets.

The following every day activities help you burn some extra calories: 

  • 30 minutes of polishing your tables and knickknacks waxes off  80 calories
  • 30 minutes of ironing your clothes will smooth out 36 calories; 
  • give your apartment a new paint job, and 3 hours later you’ve got yourself a great looking place and 1026 homeless calories;
  • tend to drop off your laundry every week? give your cleaners a break, this week, and  fold your own laundry to rack up a negative 72 calories for every half hour your spend folding;
  • volunteer 4 hours of down time to clean up around your neighborhood and trash 1800 calories
  • mop your floors for 30 minutes and ring out 153 calories
  • play poker (or any card game)3 hours in, we can’t guarantee you’ll win cash money, but you will surely lose 351 calories; 
  • shovel snow for 30 minutes and melt 202.5 calories; 
  • vacuum your rugs for 20 minutes and you’ve sucked 28 calories out of your system;
  • catch some Zzz’s–8 hours of sleep will permanently put 360 calories to bed.
  • fun fact: rumor has it that 30 minutes of locking lips for a steamy make out session melts more than your heart; swap 36 calories for a french kiss (;

Now, that you’re buzzing around, going about your day in the spirit of good health, ask yourself: are you making the time to let your inner beauty shine on the outside while you do all of that? 

4. Make looking good a part of your routine.
It’s no surprise that looking good makes you feel good, and I guarantee you will have that much more energy and confidence when taking on the challenge to stay active, when you make time for beauty and self care. Maybe that means eating more fruits and veggies, or going to bed an hour earlier. That might even include, dressing up in ways that makes your feel good about yourself.

Quite possibly the most helpful thing I have done so far besides eating better and going to bed earlier, is picking up a swag pair of sneakers  that I can’t wait to wake up and put on every morning.
For me, the Unisex Mexico 66 sneakers  in Silver Blue by Asics Onitsuka Tiger, are doing the trick.
What do you think of my morning workout ensemble for day 2 of the #ActiveDNA challenge?


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As mentioned in our previous post, by participating regularly throughout the month of January, you are instantly eligible to be rewarded for your commitment to staying active with a pair of Stance socks. Remember to tag us @dnafootwear on your Instagram posts with #ActiveDNA.

Be happy, be healthy & stay active!

L S.Granados

Footwear News: Charlotte Olympia Opens Shop in NYC

Friday, December 16th, 2011
charlotte olympia(photo by Ashley Tschudin)

Charlotte Olympia New York fans rejoice!  Charlotte Olympia is opening her first boutique in NYC! No official date or place has been set but it’s rumored to open late January in Uptown Manhattan.

The London Based designer, Charlotte Dellal, launched her eponymous brand Charlotte Olympia in 2007. The brand focuses on creating exquisite, glamorous shoes with feminine detail in classic shapes. Each shoe is handcrafted in Italy using the finest materials with the trademark of the gold spider web on the sole of the shoe. Coveted by many, including celebrities Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively, Beyonce, Keira Knightley, Katy Perry, and soon to be you!

For those fans who cannot wait until late January to shop Charlotte Olympia, they can also be purchased at Bergdorf Goodman, Harrods, Neiman Marcus, and Net-A-Porter.

By: Cindy Batchelor

Trend Tuesday: Either/Or Featuring Dolce Vita

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

DNA Footwear

Same brand, same style, two different colors: Dolce Vita Jemma High Heel Bootie. Which one will you choose?

Either black or leopard, both of which pair well with distressed grey trousers, a green chunky kint, tan satchel, good luck gold earrings, and a statement necklace (or collar). Both pairs of Jemme High Heel Booties are versatile in their ability to mix and match with ANY (ok, MOST) of your fall wardrobe. The platform ankle booties are feminine yet edgy with their extra “chunky” heel and suede outer, making them a go-to for fashion bloggers, stylists, socialites, and even the occasional celebrity.

Born in 2001, Dolce Vita shoes have been setting trends all over America and the brand continues to awe consumers with their on-point trendy styles. Dolce Vita  is a favorite brand of Beyoncé and Rhianna, and Dolce Vita designs have been featured in magazines such as Lucky, Harper’s Bazaar, People StyleWatch, InStyle, Life and Style, InTouch, and The New York Post’s Page Six. 

You too can dress like Beyoncé and Rhianna with the Dolce Vita Jemmas in Black or Leopard.


Pants, Sweater, Satchel, Necklace, Earrings

By: Ashley Tschudin

VMA Fashion Roundup

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

When Hurricane Irene slams New York it becomes increasingly difficult to watch the MTV VMA’s. Like many, a loss of power meant missing Lady Gaga dressed in drag, Beyoncé’s baby bump, and the surprise Jay-Z and Kanye West performance. Without spoiling it for those who will watch it on, let’s highlight the night’s best and worst fashion moments.

Beyoncé shows off her baby bump with a fiery orange Lanvin sheath from the Fall 2011 collection.

When it was time to perform, Beyoncé changed into a purple-sequined Dolce & Gabbana tux (again showing off her baby bump).

Adele keeps it classy in a Barbara Tfank midi-length dress (She must have gotten the midi memo from the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar).


Katy Perry in head-to-toe Dior topped off with cotton-candy locks.


Since outfit changes were a common theme throughout the night, Katy Perry hopped on board the hat bandwagon with a Rubik's Cube headpiece.

Kanye West pays homage to the “Canadian Tuxedo” with double denim Balmain style.

Miley Cyrus ages herself with this Roberto Cavalli floor-length number. May we advise picking a more age appropriate dress in the future.

Actress Zoe Saldana shows off her legs in a mini black shift by Barbara Sui.

Lady Gaga fails to amaze dressed as Jo Calderone…we get it, you want to make a statement.

Nicki Minaj raids Lady Gaga’s closet creating a mismatched Japanimation themed ensemble.


Rolling Stone may have given Justin Bieber two thumbs down but how do you go wrong mixing a leopard, red, and black motif? Could it be the all-too-small women’s blazer paired with the dainty glasses frames?

The pop princess, Britney Spears, cleans up nicely in a zig-zag print Moschino romper, finishing the look off with open-toed patent-leather platform boots.

Newlywed Kim Kardashian shows off her infamous bottom in a form-fitting silver beaded gown with a sheer back panell, leaving us to ask, "What was she thinking?!"

What can you expect from Snooki? Boobs, boobs, and more boobs.

Snooki’s couterpart, JWoWW got the boob memo as well showing off her "purchases" dolled up in a plunging metallic minidress.

Deena Cortese poses as Rainbow Brite gone wrong.

Ne-Yo -- Real men shimmer in Prada.

Jessie J makes a cast and crutches look fashionable, jewel-encrusted head-to-boot.

And the winner for best dressed is… Selena Gomez in an exquisite lace Julien Macdonald gown, Brian Atwood pumps, and matching Judith Leiber clutch.

From Rubik’s Cubes to crutches, the VMA red carpet was a mash-up of the tasteful and tasteless.  Who are your picks for the best and worst of the 2011 VMAs?


Sources: Rolling Stone and MSN


By: Ashley Tschudin

Beyoncé Loves Walking in High Heels

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Beyoncé is one of those people who just seems to possess every sought after quality imaginable: she’s beautiful, she can act, she can sing, and she has tons of style. To top it all off, she shared with People Magazine’s Style Watch that apparently she can also walk on cobblestones wearing high heels!! Is it fair for one person alone to possess this many talents??

Beyoncé and High Heels in People's Style Watch

If I had Beyoncé’s high heel talent, I would wear gorgeous heels as often as she does.  One of the heels pictured with her in People Magazine is a Beata High Heel Sandal by Bebe.  This sexy high heel sandal has a  snakeskin embossed leather top, flirty and convenient lace-up ties, and sparkly studs.  I can’t imagine a more flirty high heel sandal!

Also pictured with Beyoncé is the very colorful Zed High Heel Platform Sandal by L.A.M.B. These edgy heels definitely stand apart from the crowd with their unique design and combination of colors.  Made of leather with an adjustable ankle closure, these remarkable high heel sandals are also surprisingly comfortable and easy to wear.  Right now at DNA Footwear,  the typically expensive Zed High Heel Platform Sandal is also on sale, so there’s no better excuse to be as totally cool as Beyoncé!