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#ActiveDNA #OOTD | Sweat It Out In Style with Asics Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers

Friday, January 17th, 2014

The weekend workout is a challenge to fit in. Not because we don’t have time, but because it’s easy to get lazy after brunch–hehe!
After a week of staying active regularly for the #ActiveDNA challenge, I have found I have more motivation to wake earlier for a pre-brunch sweat sesh on a Saturday or Sunday when I’ve got a chic sporty outfit lined up the day before.
That’s why tomorrow, I will get up early and dress up in my fab sports gear, grab some lemon water and feast on fruits for breakfast, first thing.
That way, I’ll have the inspiration and the energy to take a brisk walk to my pre-brunch yoga class.

What do you think of tomorrow’s #ootd featuring the Ultimate 81 sneakers in Raspberry Blue by Asics Onitsuka Tiger?

Eat, Train, Love and Look Good Doing it!

Sweat it out in style!
xo, L S.Granados

The #ActiveDNA Challenge | Getting Started & Staying Motivated to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

Friday, January 10th, 2014

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  Though the journey to implement your new year’s resolution to be fit is not easy,
the rewards of staying active are super motivating.


The #ActiveDNA challenge is a gratifying exercise that will help you make fitness a part of your lifestyle.
Though, that is a gift on its own, sharing photos and videos of your journey via Instagram, with friends and other participants will afford you the opportunity to motivate yourself and others, in addition to a chance to claim the grand prize–a pair of sneakers by Asics Onitsuka Tiger.

Today, I am sharing what has helped me get started with DNA Footwear‘s #ActiveDNA Challenge.
I do so in hopes that it will help you realize your new year’s resolution to stay active and win a fun pair of Asics Onitsuka Tiger sneakers that are sure to keep up with your fitness journey beyond this month, through the rest of the year. Let’s get started!

1. Embrace your self as you are.
It is important that you peacefully align yourself with who you are at this moment, accepting yourself fully. Allow yourself to feel excitement and anticipation about the changes you will make to transform into  the version of you that you aspire to work hard to be.

2. Determine the intention for your changes.
Setting an intention helps you keep your eyes on the prize. If your burning desire is to become more limber and improve your flexibility, that will be the motivating force to rise from the comfort of your bed so that you make time to stretch for 15 minutes before starting your day. 

3. Remember, you have as many hours in a day as Beyonce–staying active is as easy as going about your day.
We don’t have time; we make time for the things most important to each of us. Evaluate your priorities and how they currently line up with your new year’s resolution to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle. Are you doing small things, every day, that support the realization of your fitness goals? For example, did you know that stepping out of the elevator and taking the stairs will decrease your risk of heart disease by 62%? Let’s get to steppin’!
Other easy activities that help you stay active include, skipping the subway and 
walking more; stretching with your pets; doing a few sets of jumping jacks, crunches and push ups while watching your favorite shows–believe it or not, watching TV this way burns calories at a rate of 72+ calories/hour depending on how intensely you go about your sets.

The following every day activities help you burn some extra calories: 

  • 30 minutes of polishing your tables and knickknacks waxes off  80 calories
  • 30 minutes of ironing your clothes will smooth out 36 calories; 
  • give your apartment a new paint job, and 3 hours later you’ve got yourself a great looking place and 1026 homeless calories;
  • tend to drop off your laundry every week? give your cleaners a break, this week, and  fold your own laundry to rack up a negative 72 calories for every half hour your spend folding;
  • volunteer 4 hours of down time to clean up around your neighborhood and trash 1800 calories
  • mop your floors for 30 minutes and ring out 153 calories
  • play poker (or any card game)3 hours in, we can’t guarantee you’ll win cash money, but you will surely lose 351 calories; 
  • shovel snow for 30 minutes and melt 202.5 calories; 
  • vacuum your rugs for 20 minutes and you’ve sucked 28 calories out of your system;
  • catch some Zzz’s–8 hours of sleep will permanently put 360 calories to bed.
  • fun fact: rumor has it that 30 minutes of locking lips for a steamy make out session melts more than your heart; swap 36 calories for a french kiss (;

Now, that you’re buzzing around, going about your day in the spirit of good health, ask yourself: are you making the time to let your inner beauty shine on the outside while you do all of that? 

4. Make looking good a part of your routine.
It’s no surprise that looking good makes you feel good, and I guarantee you will have that much more energy and confidence when taking on the challenge to stay active, when you make time for beauty and self care. Maybe that means eating more fruits and veggies, or going to bed an hour earlier. That might even include, dressing up in ways that makes your feel good about yourself.

Quite possibly the most helpful thing I have done so far besides eating better and going to bed earlier, is picking up a swag pair of sneakers  that I can’t wait to wake up and put on every morning.
For me, the Unisex Mexico 66 sneakers  in Silver Blue by Asics Onitsuka Tiger, are doing the trick.
What do you think of my morning workout ensemble for day 2 of the #ActiveDNA challenge?


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As mentioned in our previous post, by participating regularly throughout the month of January, you are instantly eligible to be rewarded for your commitment to staying active with a pair of Stance socks. Remember to tag us @dnafootwear on your Instagram posts with #ActiveDNA.

Be happy, be healthy & stay active!

L S.Granados

12 Days of Christmas First Annual Holiday Giveaway

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

As the temperature drops and cold settles in, the cool winter winds give us the chills–of course, in a very good way!

We, at DNA Footwear, are excited to share the warmth, and get that fuzzy feeling going that the holiday season brings by gifting you a heartfelt invitation to win a cozy and fashionable prize a day, during our first, annual 12 Days of Christmas Holiday Giveaway!

Holiday giveaway, Winter accessories for Men & Women, DNA Footwear, Bickley Mitchell Scarf & gloves for men & women

Like us on Facebook for access to the contest rules and the calendar of prizes to sign up for every day. Then, check in with our Twitter feed, daily, to see if you won that day! Giveaways include stylish hats, scarves and gloves in comfy knits by Goorin Bros. and Bickley + Mitchell–plus, buttery soft socks by Stance for happy feet in prints that sizzle. Included on this wish list, are prized leather goods to make us swoon: inspirational bracelets and beautiful belts crafted lovingly by Bed|Stu. Next on this “must have” list is the Red Wing leather care kit, to keep your leathers looking fresh, so you, of course, always look your best. Kicking off the last three days are rainy day essentials: a DNA Footwear branded umbrella, and shearling Hunter insoles, followed by the ultimate wet weather staple–a surprise grand prize.

Remember to  spread the holiday cheer and love among  your family and friends, for a chance to win the grand prize, on Christmas Day. Refer all of those on your naughty and nice lists by sharing the holiday sweepstakes, daily–the more you share, the higher the odds that you are sure to win!

For more holiday inspiration, visit us on Pinterest for stocking stuffer ideas, creative tips for DIY uplifting gifting, and a glam gal’s party ready mood board so you can plan your show stopping look in the trendiest colors of the season. Hosting a holiday soirée? Take a look at our Food & Drink board to learn how to make decadent cocktails and indulgent treats to transform the atmosphere of your gathering into a feast for the eyes, heart, tummy and soul.


With Love,

 L S.Granados

VANS Warped Tour Tickets Sweepstakes!

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013





We can hardly contain our excitement–Vans Warped Tour 2013 is under way!

The twisted festival of epic awesomeness  arrives in less than a week to NYC, and you should totally be there swaying to the sweet sound of rad jams, a collection of scantily clad rock-a-holics in tow.

We obviously think you should go–and so, in conjunction with VANS, we are giving away tickets  to the July 13th show at Nassau Coliseum. All you need to do to win them is use your ability to be so talented at showing us how badly you want to go!

If you find yourself currently in possession of 30 seconds to a minute, a  smartphone  and at least one friend,  winning tickets to the Vans Warped Tour is easier than removing the sharpie body art that won them for you in the first place. In this context, talent is defined as the expression of your own creative genius in all of its publicly appropriate forms–for example, skate tricks, bike tricks, cat memes (obviously), food art, acrobatics, eye-poppin’ contortions, feats of astounding awkwardness,  hilarious documentation of lost bets and/or extraordinary offers of self sacrifice in the interest of winning. Tickets will be awarded to followers of @dnafootwear who post an Instagram  photo  or video with #tix4tricks.

Dudes dazed and confused about what to wear to stay cool all day and bring the heat all night  can look past the haze. There ain’t nothin’ but good vibes and comfy times in a fresh pair of Happy Daze sneakers designed by Alex Knost  for the VANS Surf Siders collection.

Rock on!

L S.Granados for DNA Footwear


Dive into Spring with the new Tretorn collection

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Unless you are planning to run the next marathon, it is time to ditch your athletic shoes for a pair of canvas sneaker this spring. Our pick? Some of Tretorn’s cutest kicks: the Nylite, the Dagny, and for you gentlemen, we love the Otto Canvas! They look great with shorts, jeans, and chinos. Get your shopping list started, you are going to love them!

Tretorn’s Women Dagny canvas shoe pays homage to the days when women came into their own. A sturdy canvas oxford upper is accented with white leather piping, gold eyelets, and a pop color racing stripe on the back. A sneaker-like rubber outsole makes this shoe fit for the decks and the dance.

DNA Footwear, Tretorn, Spring collection, Tretorn Dagny Canvas, Women Tretorn sneaker, Canvas sneaker, Women trend

DNA Footwear, Tretorn, Spring collection, Tretorn Dagny Canvas, Women Tretorn sneaker, Canvas sneaker, Women trendDNA Footwear, Tretorn, Spring collection, Tretorn Dagny Canvas, Women Tretorn sneaker, Canvas sneaker, Women trend

Women Dagny Canvas – $69.99

And what about the Nylite kick below, we just love them! It will literally be your black pump of sport shoes, pairing with everything from a preppy ensemble to a little summer dress.

DNA Footwear, Tretorn, Spring collection, Tretorn Nylite Canvas, Women Tretorn sneaker, Canvas sneaker, Women trend, Nylite sneaker

Women Nylite Canvas – $65.00

Stepping outside of the preppy box, the incredibly comfortable and unusually handsome Otto Canvas is the perfect balance between boat shoe and sneaker. Designed to complement the modern man’s preferred sense of style, the Otto Canvas effortlessly transitions with him from day time errands & leisure, to play time adventures & pleasure–no sailboat required!

DNA Footwear, Tretorn, Spring collection, Tretorn Otto Canvas, Men Tretorn sneaker, Canvas sneaker, Men trend, Otto Canvas sneaker

DNA Footwear, Tretorn, Spring collection, Tretorn Otto Canvas, Men Tretorn sneaker, Canvas sneaker, Men trend, Otto Canvas sneaker

Men Otto Canvas – $65.00

Sneaker lovers, these are must-haves!

By Josi

Giveaway: Guess What’s In the Box Winner is……

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

The time has come to announce our Guess What’s in the Box Giveaway recipient….. Drum roll pleassssssssseeeee…….

The Winner is....

The mystery shoe above is the First Stop High Heel Sandal from Chinese Laundry in Taupe. Lucky Laura Royal will be receiving these fabulously versatile platforms to add to her Spring collection courtesy of DNA Footwear.

Thank you to all those who participated in the contest and continue to watch out for more fun freebies to come!!!

Make sure to Like us on Facebook  and follow us on Twitter @dnafootwear, if you haven’t already, for more great giveaways and discount opportunities. The sun is shining and the fun has just begun. There’s tons more in store!

♥ Amy K.

Now Hiring: DNA Administrative Help

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Help Wanted at DNA Headquarters

Is it in your DNA? ….We’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill and are currently looking for an ambitious, organized and fashion forward individual to help out in the main office at headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. If you think you have what it takes and would like to join the team please email your resume with availability and a little bit about yourself to:

♥ DNA Footwear


Guess What’s In the Box!!!

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Shoe contest ”Guess What’s in the Box” is back. For those of you unfamiliar with the contest here’s how it works: Submit ONE guess of  which Chinese Laundry shoe style AND color is in the box (hint- check DNA’s selection on the website). You have 2 weeks from today (March 8th-22nd) to determine what your final guess will be. Facebook your answer under the comments section of this post. Both style and color guesses must be correct to qualify for the grand prize. Come March 22nd we will gather all correct guesses and select ONE winner at random. Winner will be announced through our DNA Footwear official website and on Facebook on March 26th. One lucky winner will receive the pair of mystery Chinese Laundry shoes inside the box!!!


And let the guessing begin….


$200 DNA Shopping Spree Giveaway WINNER

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012


Thank you all for entering our $200 DNA Shopping Spree Giveaway on Facebook and a huge congratulations to our winner Trysh Magcalas! If you didn’t win this time, we will be announcing another giveaway soon. The next giveaway will be one of our favorite ‘What’s in the Box‘ giveaways, which is ever-so-popular so check back here often!

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$200 DNA Shopping Spree Giveaway

Monday, January 9th, 2012


 As our new year’s gift to you we’re giving away a $200 shopping spree. To qualify ‘LIKE’ our Facebook fan page and enter here with appropriate contact information. Winner will be notified via email on January 23, 2012.

One winner will receive a $200 gift certificate redeemable at DNA Footwear online. Note: Not applicable on UGG Australia purchases.